Year 1 (Ages 5-6) – The Taqwa Curriculum

As they grow…
As children grow, they become more curious and are able to grasp concepts in more depth. However, they will continue to learn better through play and engaging activities and at this age (5-6 years), are not expected to sit still for too long with structured work.

The Year 1 curriculum covers Numeracy (Math), Literacy (English), Science, Geography and History. Each topic has two objectives : An Islamic and an academic objective, and is further categorised into: Outdoor, Arts & Crafts, Role play & Applying Islam.
This ensures that each topic is taught in a holistic way, resulting in a better understanding and long term retention of concepts covered.


Learning about multiplication
As children enjoy learning, they are encouraged to link everything back to Allah, with references to the Qur’an and authentic sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and activities that inspire a more holistic and practical application of Islamic teachings.

You can preview the curriculum before you buy and if you do purchase it, you will also receive a FREE PDF file containing ‘Prophets of Islam’ story cards. You can use these cards to teach story structure for Literacy that is covered in this academic year.


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Here’s what educators are saying about the Year 1 curriculum :

“This teaching guide is an excellent compilation of lessons which instills love for learning in children. Every lesson has an ‘Islamic ethos’ to it which will insha’Allah shape their characters into becoming good Muslims.
The author aims to provide an easy and practical tool to impart secular knowledge through the lens of Islam is clearly reflected in the whole guide.
I really like the amount of examples and activities outlined for each lesson that teachers using the guide can choose from and plan their lessons. There is also a lot of ideas which makes differentiation for the different abilities in the class easier. Personally, I would highly recommend it to all schools as it is such as easy to follow guide which not only covers some of the objectives of the National Curriculum but also brings lessons to life with lots of practical and hands-on activities which makes the learning environment enriched and stimulatiing.”

Salma Adam

Salma Adam is a mother and a qualified teacher with QTS in UK Primary Education along with a BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Marketing Management. She is also a Level 2 trained British Sign Language Communicator. She has been in the Education sector doing various roles for the past 8 years and enjoys being a small contributor in the lives of the children and turning them into good role models.
Sister Salma was working at Al Noor Muslim Primary School in London until summer 2015 and has now moved on to teaching the Hearing Impaired children at a Secondary School in Redbridge, London. MashaaAllah!
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Allah created everything

Appreciating that Allah is Al Khaaliq