Reception Curriculum

Guiding the little ones…

Young children develop the very basics of their character by observing and absorbing from their environment, and this is why what they are exposed to from a very young age is so important. To build a trusting and enriched environment that adheres to Islamic ideology is paramount to ensuring that the character of a child will blossom into one that will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of being a member of the ummah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be on him).
A persons’ character is formed by the age of 7, so a learning environment that works to create a good moral, Islamic standard, as well as a sound education, forms the best foundation for children on which they can build for the rest of their lives.

The seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon every muslim (Prophet Muhammad)

Islam emphasizes the importance of education
This guide fuses the secular requirement and Islamic ethos to create an integrated curriculum to encourage children to approach the education of the world whilst thinking of the Creator of the worlds.

So how does this curriculum guide help?

The whole year is divided into three terms and each term has an Islamic theme that will run across all the subjects.

Each topic in each subject has two objectives : An Islamic and academic objective which is met through a number of hands-on activities. The instructions for each activity are outlined in a simple way with a link to authentic Islamic references, further Ideas and resources to consolidate the topic.

The hand-on activities ensure that children enjoy learning and can practically apply what they learn and so, eventually, inshaaAllah (God willing), learn to live Islam. For example, when the children are learning about winter, they appreciate the blessing of a warm house and realise that they might have a neighbour who could do with some help.

Allah created man in the best form

Learning about our family
Here is what Shabana Hakim, an experienced primary school teacher in the UK, has to say about the Reception teaching guide :

“Having taught in both state and independent Muslim schools, I would recommend this integrated teaching guide to individuals working with children in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This guide covers all aspects of the Early Years curriculum with many cross curricular Islamic themed activities”

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