NEW! Year 2 (Ages 6-7) – The Taqwa Curriculum

Project Based Learning


As children turn the age of 7, they begin to understand things a lot better and that is why there is great wisdom in teaching them how to pray their salah at this age.

Learning still needs to be fun, creative and stimulating to keep the children engaged so they are learning without even knowing it. However, there needs to be a logical sequence to it and appropriate cross-curricular links so that things make more sense and are relevant.

Problembased learning (PBL) is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of problem solving. Students learn both thinking strategies and domain knowledge. This kind of learning approach is dynamic and one in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.

We have chosen to focus on the stories of three Prophets for this academic year. Learning objectives are covered as they try to solve problems relating to the story thus each topic is more relevant – rather than learning random topics without applying the knowledge.

Each topic has a lesson plan and further links and resources to make it easier for teachers to get their materials ready for the class.

You will also get extra printable resources like a lap book, and Math Problem scenario worksheets that link to the lesson plans.

If you purchase all three modules, you can complete one per term. Due to the nature of the activities in the Prophet Ibrahim module, we recommend that you use that in the final term of Year 2.

Each topic also has life lessons and practical ways to apply that knowledge to become better Muslims bi’ithnillah.

Immerse your children into the lives of the Prophets while they learn their core subjects. A perfect secular curriculum for Muslim children!

The sources used for this curriculum are from the Quran, authentic hadith and ‘Stories of the Prophets’ by Ibn Kathir

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Here is what educators are saying about our Year 2 curriculum:

“Taqwa Curriculum provides me with something that other curricula don’t. It is centered around Islam. The prophets series tackles belief in Allah, experiences of the prophets and how they dealt with their trials. I love the fact that all academic subjects are linked to the topic and there are cross curricular links. My¬†children really enjoyed learning about prophet Ibrahim¬†especially as the reading , writing, History and Geography linked with his life.

They also enjoyed the problem solving tasks related to the prophet series. These tasks allowed me to personalise my children’s learning. I was able to concentrate and home in on their interests and expand it as much as I wanted. My children have various strengths and through these problem solving tasks I was able to work on their weaknesses as the tasks were open ended and it was up to the children to find solutions. They took charge of their learning, deciding how to solve the problem , what equipment they needed, what they would measure, how would they record their findings, etc.

It also reassuring knowing that all the objectives are from the national curriculum helps me to know that I’m on track.”

Sister Rehana is a home educator and the mother of four children. She is also a qualified teacher with years of experience teaching in primary schools in the UK. At the moment she home educates her younger children and decided to use the Taqwa curriculum as a teaching guide and tool for them.
Learn Year 2 Math, English, Science, Geography and ICT through the lives of the Prophets!