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Welcome to the Taqwa Curriculum website and JazakAllahu kheir for stopping by!

Do you want a fresh new way to teach your children? Are you passionate about Islam and want your children’s secular education to be enriched with Islamic ideology?

Are you a teacher or home educator who wants ideas on how to fuse secular and Islamic education in a practical and fun way so your children learn to live Islam?

Are you a parent who wants to be on top of what your kids are learning at school and want to supplement that learning with an Islamic perspective?

If your answer is yes to any of the above then this curriculum guide is for you.

We believe that learning about the world that Allah created should not be mutually exclusive to learning about our wonderful religion.

Designed to supplement the UK British Education system, this guide aims to instill God consciousness with every topic to be covered by providing ideas and resource links for a more hands-on and enriched experience.

Allah says in the Quran:

O you who have believed, remain conscious of Allah . And let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow – and remain conscious of Allah . Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do
A believer, therefore, has to remember Allah while undertaking every task, not just rituals of worship like our daily prayer.

The aim of this guide, therefore, is to guide children to be conscious of Allah throughout their daily routines and become Muslims of Ihsaan.

This will inshaAllah make them into an ummah that is conscious of their actions. When they become Muslims that live Islam, they will greatly benefit the entire global community.

Here is what other educators have to say about the teaching guide :

It is an honour for me to write this testimonial in relation to the amazing and beneficial guides. Taqwa Curriculum guides are exactly what every school, home educator and parent has been looking for. They have been designed with Islam and the akhirah of each child in mind. All of the educational activities have a specific link to an Islamic topic which nurtures and cultivates the child’s personality and love of Allah. Through developing the child’s understanding of the world with Islam as its very foundation, the Taqwa Curriculum guide places in the hearts and minds of children a deep attachment to Allah through everything they learn.

As a home educator, I have been waiting for something like this and alhamdulillah I am glad that this is now a reality for Muslim families worldwide.

I highly recommend this guide for all schools and families. It is time we took charge of our children’s education – both academically and Islamically. Neither need to be exclusive of each other and it is this very reason why Taqwa Curriculum is unique and a must for every Muslim child.”

Umm Raiyaan

Umm Raiyaan is a revert to Islam of 15 years, and a home-educating mother of four, mashaAllah. She runs a charity called “Solace UK” . Umm Raiyaan is passionate about Islam and education and has helped inspire many sisters through her advice and posts on her blog at “Ummi Homeschools Me” . Her latest project is a life-changing course for sisters that helps guide them to realise their full potential so they can achieve their dunya and akhirah dreams with the permission of Allah swt. You can find the details on “Sisters Achieve

“I feel humbled and honoured to have been asked to review this fantastic curriculum. As a Muslim mother and full-time home-educator I love sharing resources and ideas with fellow educators and one of the most frequently asked questions I have received is “What curriculum do you recommend?”
My response is that I don’t follow a curriculum. And I think that is due to the fact that I have never really found anything that is so complete as to cover our academic studies while still promoting our Islamic values … until now.

The Taqwa Curriculum is a much needed resource for both teachers and parents alike. It incorporates important Islamic fundamentals, morals and values into units and lessons which help children nurture their faith whilst learning about the world around them.

Alhamdulillah, this curriculum will help relieve a lot of pressure from home-educators in particular who struggle with finding a structure for their children’s education. This curriculum has come just in time, as I still have several children young enough to benefit from this wonderful resource. Having muddled along over the years, I can see this saving me many hours of planning and organising inshaa’Allah”.

Sister Iman, Iman’s Homeschool

Sr Iman (Iman’s Homeschool) is a revert of 14 yrs and a mother of six home educated children mashaaAllah. She shares her fantastic ideas and resources for homeschooling with an Islamic perspective on her blog.

“The difference between the TC teaching guide and other guides is the conscious effort put in so as to ensure that the child is learning about the signs and creation of Allah SWT through various topics and themes. There is a blend between the Islamic Identity and relating it that with the world we live in.
It encourages children to think and reflect upon their surroundings. Guides them towards knowing that all creation is from Allah alone. It promotes self-confidence as a Muslim and reinforces that our beliefs do not need to be comprised in the path of learning.
The best thing I liked about the curriculum is that creative ideas are pooled in from different resources. I would personally choose it as a resource guide and recommend it to educators.”

Sabheen Khan

Sabheen Khan is a home educating mother of four daughters. She was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She got married after 3rd year of medical school and graduated with a one year old daughter.
Her interest in education led her towards being a part of her children’s upbringing and education.
She recently completed a 3 year Arabic Islamic Studies course under the instruction of a graduate of Madinah University, Saudi Arabia.
She is currently working on various projects so as to contribute towards understanding our beautiful Deen and growing as an Ummah. Allahumma baarik laha.